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Nancy's Notes

Happy New Year, Mu Phi members and friends!

Welcome to 2020, the beginning of a brand new decade! So many exciting things are coming up – some wonderful music at our meetings, the second semester of our library concert series, and preparation for the international Mu Phi convention in July! With our 2020 vision, we can see clearly now (or at least that’s what the song says)!

I’m looking forward to our first meeting of the year on Monday, January 13, at Lisa Beyer’s house. I’m excited to be able to hear Julie Schmitt sing some of her own compositions! And Susan Poelchau and friends will treat us to some really early music.

Before we leave 2019 altogether, I want to reflect a little. The holiday season is often a hectic time for musicians. But it’s also such blessing to be able to share our musical talents to bring joy to so many people. It never ceases to amaze me to see folks, especially those who can barely communicate, singing along with the old favorite Christmas carols. The way music is able to interact with the brain is a true miracle, and it certainly gives credence to the claim that “music is the noblest of all the arts, a source of much that is good, just, and beautiful.”

I also want to thank Kimla Beasley, Mary Williams, Susan Poelchau, and Claudia Jameson for their work on the library concert series (now in its 83rd year!). Last fall, Kimla coincidentally met Glenn Ayars, who just happens to be the Cultural Programs Manager at the City Of Dallas. She told him of our downtown library series, and he encouraged her to apply for a funding grant for cultural programs. Knowing that a grant could help pay for publicity and piano tuning for the series, the team jumped into gear and put together a presentation they made a few weeks ago. Although we did not win the grant in that round, Glenn (who coincidentally is a Mu Phi from SMU himself) has encouraged us to apply again during the next round. Bravo to the team! We’re pulling for you in the next round!

The International Mu Phi convention in July will be here before we know it, and this time it’s literally here (i.e., Grapevine). There are LOTS of opportunities for us to start working on now! In fact, there’s a whole separate section of this newsletter devoted to convention needs, so be sure to check that out. I’m also happy to say our very own that Francis Vu (recent special election) will be directing the convention chorus.

Best wishes to you all for a wonderful new year! Hope to see you on January 13!


Nancy Laine, President


November - Visionary Founders

We met at the home of Claudia Jameson and thank her and co-host Tena Hehn who provided a beautiful spread.

Nancy shared with members the Founders Day greeting from Rosemary Ames.:

  Happy Founders Day! A mere 116 years ago, our beloved fraternity was founded, November 13, 1903.
  Find time during the month of November to pause and reflect on our good fortune to be members of
  such a wonderful organization and be thankful for our Mu Phi friends, both near and far.
  See you in Grapevine, TX in July at the convention!

  Rosemary Ames

Soprano Dr. Amy Canchola presented the theme of her doctoral dissertation: Songs by Maria Grever, accompanied by Colleen Kilpatrick. Amy told the story of Maria Grever's life and career (1885-1951), and performed seven of her beautiful songs, composed from 1926 to 1946:
  Te Quiero, dijiste
  Un Beso
  Cuando Vuelva a Tu Lado

As Duo Floreciente, Any and Colleen are receiving many engagements, including performing at NATS. They will perform at the Women in Music Conference in March.

Next Meetings

The theme for this year’s meetings is 2020 Vision to celebrate this coming year’s convention in Dallas. We are trying to incorporate 2020 in as many ways as possible into our meeting themes and selections.

January – 2020 Hindsight
Monday January 13, 7 pm
Home of Lisa Beyer

  “Une jeune fillette” by Jean Chardevoine (1576) arr. Sam Kiely
  “Fantasia #2 and #4” by Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625)

     Rachel Phares, Susan Poelchau and Susan Scheib, violas da gamba

  “Songs of Reflection” composed by Julie Schmitt
  To my grown up children
  The hole in the water
  Do not ask me to remember
  My younger days
  Back home

     Amy Canchola, Julie Schmitt, sopranos
     Susan Poelchau, piano


February – Joining Together
Joint Meeting with SAI
Monday, February 10, 7pm
Arapaho United Methodist Church
1400 W Arapaho Rd
Richardson TX 75080

  "Two Fantasias a5" by Richard Dering (c. 1580–1630)

     Dallas Consort of Viols: Allen Garvin, Mary Beth Hays, Rachel Phares,
     Susan Poelchau, Susan Scheib

  “Mein Herz ist bereit” SWB 341, by Heinrich Schütz

     Claudia Jameson, soprano, Louise Bowers and Mary Alice Rich, violins;
     Susan Poelchau, continuo; and Gretchen Nichols, cello


Your Newsletter Editor Mary Williams appreciates knowing what you are doing or if you have changes to your information. Your news is our news. Next Newsletter deadline is March 9.

Spread the word! Sign up for our Facebook page and share our concert series postings. You can post your own performances there as well. We just cannot use that space to advertise or sell products.


Kary Caboose is beginning a degree in computer engineering with a minor in music. She is still working full time at Nebraska Furniture Mart, and is enrolled in 17 units last semester and signed up for 19 this semester. She is incredibly busy but maintaining good grades so far (on track for a 4.0 - woo hoo!), and managing work well. She isn’t finding much time to practice, but still plays her French horn daily. She is taking a lot of classes each semester to graduate in 3 years instead of 4 years. Best wishes Kary!

Pat Suitt, Sylvia Taylor and Mary Williams had some minor tornado damage in October's storm but are OK.

Ashley Bouras played her clarinet with the New Life Symphony Orchestra on November 10th in Garland.

Nancy Laine performed on a “Bach's Lunch” concert with her guitarist son Chris Unzicker and church bell-ringers on Tuesday Dec. 3 at Custer Road UMC.

Chris Brunt (center below) gave an organ concert the following Tuesday at Custer Road with assistance from Pete Tolhuizen, trumpet and Jane Fore, flute.

Amy Canchola and Colleen Kilpatrick performed in a “Distinguished Lives” program on Sunday, November 17, at St. Paul’s United Church of Christ in Dallas.

Walteria Caldwell and her daughter Aria performed in Amahl and the Night Visitors in December with her Diversita Opera Company.

Welcome Debbie Brooks back to our chapter. Debbie Brooks was the 1977 Sterling Achievement winner and was our District Director for 6 years following her graduation from UNT. Her areas of expertise are career development/music business, performance, contracting, and she frequently speaks on ethics.

She says: “It has been quite a while since I’ve been active in Mu Phi. I was District Director for 6 years out of college and loved it. There hasn’t been an alumni chapter in Tarrant County in decades.”

Debbie Brooks -
DFW Musicians Services LLC -


For a correction to Lisa Beyer’s phone number or Debbie Brooks' complete contact information, contact the President or Webmaster.


The Concert Series for spring begins on the last Sunday in January - Jan 26th with the 100th anniversary of the Musical Arts club. Many members from the club anticipate performing on the program. A reception will follow.

Our Tarleton Mu Phi, Leslie Spotz, will be performing two Beethoven sonatas on Feb 2 - the Waldstein and Appassionata. We are off to a great start!

Changes to our original schedule for spring are:
• February 9: Landon Chang, saxophone and Xiao Wang, piano
• February 16: Recent cancellation of Sloman violin students; a replacement TBA
• February 23: Julee Kim Walker, flute with Alan Dyer, piano and Mary Kerr, Jessica Morrow and
  Allison Adams Rojas, flutes. They will feature women composers.
• March 1: Szu-Ying Huang and Gustavo Romero - duo-piano Beethoven program
• March 15: Catalin Dima, piano

If 2020 is like past years, there will be more changes and additions to our series. Keep up to date by seeing the website page Concert Series. There are links to programs and to performers - and are posted as they are received.

Pick up Concert Series posters for displaying at a library or other place near you at the next meeting, plus a few "business cards" that you can give friends with our website and Facebook contact info on it; YOU can help promote our series.

Our goal is to have every member help at a Sunday concert at least one time a year. So, if you have not done that this year, tell Kimla what Sunday works for you.

Grant Proposal

We applied for a $5000 grant from the City of Dallas Office of Arts and Culture to support our concert series after a chance encounter Kimla Beasley had with Manager Glen Ayars, who is a Mu Phi from SMU. Kimla, Susan Poelchau, Mary Williams and Claudia Jameson presented a well-crafted presentation (professionally done by Kimla) in a very limited time period, but were not chosen for funding this time. We will continue to pursue this avenue of funding. If you have other sources of funding – especially for needed piano maintenance this year – contact Kimla.


July 22 – 26, 2020 in Grapevine, TX

Embassy Suites Hotel, 2401 Bass Pro Drive, Grapevine, TX. This hotel is just north of DFW airport and west of the Hwy 121/LBJ interchange. Put this date on your calendar! You will want to be there.

The host chapters are...

Alumni: Collegiate: Gamma Tau
Austin Beta Omicron Phi Tau
Dallas Zeta Alpha Epsilon Epsilon
Denton Zeta Omega Beta Mu
San Antonio Alpha Kappa Delta Pi
St Louis Alpha Mu Epsilon Pi
  Mu Theta Alpha Nu
  Phi Xi Alpha Sigma
  Alpha Omega Alpha Pi

Registration forms will be coming this spring for our attendance. In addition, many volunteers are needed to procure donated or loaned items. Be thinking of how you can contribute to our International Convention. Contact Nancy Laine or Lisa Beyer if you can address one of these needs:

• Steinway piano - Rental should be free since there will be at least one Steinway artist, but we need to make arrangements for portage (delivery 7/22 AM; pick up on Sunday, 7/26). Anyone have a Steinway dealership contact?

• Small portable piano to use in the meeting space. Anyone know of one that could be used?

• Music stands and risers (4 sections) – Anyone have a school or church that would be willing to loan these out?

• Photographer – anyone interested in being the official convention photographer?

• Ads in the program book – any thoughts on companies, groups, chapters, schools, or individuals who might like to buy one? Rates range from $75 (business card size) - $250 (full page) for Mu Phi members, $100 - $350 for non-Mu Phi’s. Inside and back covers are also available ($500 - $750). Details and forms available.

• Goodies for the tote bags – we’ll be stuffing 250 bags. IEO will purchase something like pens or pencils. We need to check with places like the Chamber of Commerce, the Bass Pro store that’s connected to the hotel, other businesses, etc.

• Event Sponsorship opportunities – Sponsorships are available ranging from $75 (for convention nametags) to $5,000 (various dinners) to $10,000 (full day at convention). Details and forms available.

• Mu Phi Store – The St. Louis alumni will be in charge of a “store” at the convention where chapters can sell things (like extra t-shirts or whatever). Do we have things we’d like to sell? There will be specific times in the convention schedule that the store is open.

• Photo booth – Possibility of setting up a photo booth (maybe a good job for a collegiate chapter?)

• Transportation greeters – we may need a few greeters at DFW airport.

• Meal decorations – haven’t really gotten that far in planning yet, but the time will come.

The last pages are forms that you can use when you solicit ads, donations and sponsorships for our Convention.


Convention 1968 Dallas

If you think this is a lot of work – it’s not like it used to be. The host chapters had much more work to do in planning. This is the last time the Convention was in Dallas (1968):




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